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Firewood Logs Yorkshire

We deliver firewood / logs to Huddersfield, Leeds, Yorkshire and some of Lancashire.

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Woodsure Assured Quality Logs

High Quality Seasoned Logs – Woodsure Certified

We sell seasoned hardwood and softwood logs, which are suitable for open fires, log-burning stoves, wood burners and log-fired boilers. The process of seasoning wood ensures that when burned it will be to its full potential. If the wood is not fully seasoned most of the energy is spent drying the water off instead of generating heat for your home. Furthermore unseasoned wood produces more smoke and creosote, which may glue up your chimney.

Our logs have been certified by Woodsure (see Woodsure Ready To Burn page) so you can be reassured of the quality of our logs. At Bowker Firewood Logs every effort is made to ensure that burning wood is both pleasurable & financially rewarding.

The wood is 90% hardwood sourced locally, it is then seasoned outside for up to 2 years depending on the type. This allows it to dry naturally in the sun and wind. It is then split and kept indoors during the winter months until re-sale. Click here for details on our softwood logs.

Environmentally Friendly and Cost Effective

Firewood is an environmentally friendly source of fuel and is an increasingly cost effective way to heat your home.
Using renewable energy such as firewood from well managed woods not only reduces carbon emissions particularly when compared to fossil fuel, such as coal or oil, but also helps to improve conditions for wildlife through sustainable land management.

Bulk Bag Logs West Yorkshire

Bulk Bags of Logs / Firewood

Netted Bags Logs West Yorkshire

Netted Bags of Logs

Locally Sourced Seasoned Logs West Yorkshire

Logs are produced and supplied from our farm.

Processing Firewood / Logs in Huddersfield

All Firewood is locally sourced and professionally cut.

Logs Fully Dried Huddersfield West Yorkshire

Logs are stored and dried natuarlly for up to 2 years.

Woodsure Ready to Burn Logs Huddersfield, West Yorkshire

Final drying and testing to ensure Woodsure Ready to Burn quality.