We have recently started selling seasoned softwood logs in addition to the hardwood logs we have been selling for years. The softwood logs are pine, larch, spruce or fir and are ideal for getting a fire going quickly. When comparing softwood with hardwood it is true that hardwood burns for longer and is more popular but there are benefits of burning softwood:

1. Softwood is easier to light and therefore it’s easier and quicker to get a fire going so it really depends on your circumstances – if you want to with build a quick fire that radiates your room quickly then softwood logs are perfect.

2. Although softwood firewood doesn’t burn for as long as hardwood firewood it is cheaper to buy – certainly we sell it at a lower price anyway!

Some people use both softwood and hardwood logs – they use softwood logs to get the fire going then may add some hardwood logs later if the fire is going to burn for a long time.

All our softwood logs are high quality with very low moisure content. We deliver around Huddersfield, Halifax, Leeds and West Yorkshire area – to order your logs please go to our Order Online page.